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Photo by Jo Earl

Absences / Lateness Reminders

Jo Earl —

There are a growing number of students arriving late to school.


It is really important that students arrive to school on time - in fact a little early is good. When students are early they can be better prepared for learning. We are finding that those students who are late often miss the most important messages of the day and take a longer time to settle into learning. One day this week we had over 30 students who were late, it made it very hard for teachers to get them all up to speed at different times.

Next week we will be emailing all parents of those students who are late just to ensure you know when your child is arriving.


Please let us know when your child is going to be absent. We also need you to give us a reason - this is a legal requirement and we need to submit the data to the Ministry of Education. 

You can phone the absence line, use the Hero app or email the office to let us know. 

Thank you.