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BOT News

Jo Earl —

Our first meeting for 2020 was held last Thursday with the first thing on the agenda being the election of a new Board Chairperson.

Our Board is made up of five elected parent representatives, four Proprietor representatives (Bishops Reps), the Principal and a staff representative.

Our outgoing Board Chairperson - Jonathan Mackenzie has been on the Board since the very first Board was elected in June 2016 and prior to that he was a member of the board at St Paul's. We have been really lucky to have his wisdom and guidance for that length of time and want to thank him sincerely for all his efforts. Jonathan's children have moved on to Marion College and it seems fitting that he now supports them at that school.

Jonathan was one of the proprietor representatives and he has been replaced by Cathie Hurdle - appointed by the Bishop on Fr Simon's recommendation. Cathie is a member of the Mairehau Parish and has two preschoolers. She is very active in the Parish and I am sure will be known to some of you already. Welcome Cathie!

The Board has appointed Nathan O'Connell as their new Board Chariperson and Julian Meates as the Deputy Chair. We wan to thank them both fo putting their hands up to be willing to take on these roles.

St Francis of Assisi Board of Trustees

Parent Representatives (voted on at the last election by our school community)

Board Chairperson: Nathan O'Connell

Deputy Board Chairperson Julian Meates

Kelly Paterson

Katherine Eveleigh

Richard Mackay

Proprietor Representatives

Clare Bell

John Rynearson

Victoria Henstock

Cathie Hurdle

Staff Representative: Maire Bowler

Principal: Jo Earl

We are really grateful to have this level of expertise on the Board and thank all of these people for their willingness to share their time and energy for our school community.