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Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities

From next week the students will begin their new topic in Maths: Measurement - Time. 

The children will focus on the following big ideas: 

Time duration for events can be compared using such ideas as longer, shorter, and equal as well as different measurements of time. A clock is a circular number line - the hands move gradually around this number line. On an analogue clock the hour hand shows the approximate time in the day and the minute hand shows a more exact time. 

There are multiple ways to measure time and some units of time measurement are more appropriate than others within different contexts.

 Time is displayed in different ways depending on the context.

 Numbers that are used to measure time repeat themselves in a cycle.

Here is an example of year 5/6 Independent Tasks:

Maria has dance class at 4.15pm every Wednesday. She takes 17 minutes to walk to class from home. What time must she leave home to get to dance class?

 George runs around the block 3 times every evening. The first lap takes him 9 minutes. The second lap takes him 11 minutes. The final lap takes him 15 minutes. How much time does it take for George to complete his 3 laps?