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Centre for Innovation News


On Friday afternoons at the Centre for Innovation a wonderful example of students teaching students takes place in a great initiative headed by two Year 8 students.

Harriet Frye and Maia Godfrey-Chatterton had the idea to work with younger students as part of their William Pike Challenge. The Centre for Innovation thought this was a great idea to support students in leadership opportunities and were able to set up a weekly session with the pre-school.

Maia and Harriet work with a small group of three and four year olds, teaching them how to programme Beebots to move from one point to another on a grid and setting the foundation for future coding skills. These activities are followed up in the teaching and learning that happens in the pre-school and will see the younger students in good stead as computational thinking and coding becomes a larger part of the NZ school curriculum.

Thank you Harriet and Maia for creating this link with another part of the school as it adds value to learning for all the students involved.