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We return refreshed for our last term, looking forward to the final of our House Debating and preparing for the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival at the Horncastle Arena and Sedley Wells concert at Christ’s College.

Nightmare on Winchester Street: a superb Arts Soiree spooktacular
SMC Arts Council did a magnificent job of setting the scene for last term’s Arts Soiree with their spooky Nightmare on Winchester Street. Year 11 Drama students set the scene with zombie clusters around the space accompanied by a scary string quartet. Detectives (Ruby) Anderson and (Sophie) McClean MC-ed the evening, guiding us with clues to find the murderer, complete with a final twist as the blame was laid on our new Principal Mrs Patchett! Achievements from the year were celebrated alongside performances showcasing stunning original songs from Natalie Hutton and Izzy Leighs, with members of the Senior Dance Company performing their own choreography. Polly Forbes stepped in at the last minute with a very poignant monologue to take the place of our guest speaker who was unwell. The catering team did a great job of theming the food for the evening and we also thank the PFA’s Tania Burden and Chantal Taylor who ran the bar and Eva Jackson who was our photographer. Thanks to all the Arts staff for their support for the event and to parents and staff who joined us with record numbers and superb costumes.

SMC-CC Debate
This annual debate took place the last day of Term 3 in our chapel, and, despite putting up a very good fight, our intrepid Year 13 debaters Milly O’Brien, Ruby Anderson and Aisha O’Malley were beaten by the Christ’s College team.

House Debating Final this Friday
Friday period 5 in the chapel we will have our two Middle School teams battling it out to be the SMC House Debating champions this year with Manuka affirming (Lucy Flint, Nikita Bloy & Bridget Smith, coach: Grace McMahon) and Kowhai negating (Alexandra Lehman, Olivia Mazey & Heather Laing, coach: Paige Carey). Good luck to both teams!

Middle School Arts Awards
St Margaret’s College recognises achievement and service in the arts at Middle School level with two awards for students in Years 7-10 involved in the arts at school: an Arts Badge and Colours in Arts. The following areas will be considered: Dance, Drama, Music, Oratory, Technical, Visual Art and Creative Writing. However, badges and Colours will be presented for “Arts” rather than for any specific area.

Arts Badge - awarded to students who have demonstrated:

  • Skill - A high level of skill in your field/s of arts

  • Committed Contribution - minimum of two full years at Middle School level to one or more of the arts. (e.g. choirs, clubs etc). This will include participation in at least two different school co-curricular groups or projects (e.g. Stage Challenge, Production, Community Projects) for two full years.

Badges are white with gold lettering.

Colours - awarded to those students who have demonstrated:

  • Skill - An outstanding level of skill in your field/s

  • Committed Contribution - minimum of two full years at Middle School level to one or more of the arts. (e.g. choirs, clubs etc) This will include participation in at least two different school co-curricular groups or projects (e.g. Stage Challenge, Production, Community Projects) for two full years.

  • Service - going above and beyond mere participation, eg: leadership initiatives such as starting up a new group, mentoring, assistance at school events, help behind the scenes, etc.

  • Regional Competition/Exhibition/Publication - a placing (1st/2nd/3rd) or the following qualifications: Music Grade 7, Speech & Drama Grade 7, Contemporary Dance Level 5, Jazz/Ballet Intermediate or an equivalent qualification deemed appropriate by the Arts Committee.

Colours take the form of a white braid to be sewn onto the sleeve of the school blazer. These criteria are to be maintained up to and including the year of application. Please note that student participation in and commitment to school co-curricular arts groups is imperative to gaining a badge or Colours, and that tuition in Music, Dance and Speech & Drama classes does not count towards applications.

Student Conduct Expectation
To be awarded Colours a student must be able to show that she consistently upholds the values of St Margaret's College and that she consistently meets and role models the attendance, behavioural and uniform presentation expectations of the College.

Applications are to be sent to the Arts Facilitator Mary Davison by email (pdf or word please) and two hard copies of each application left in the Performing Arts office WN202. The deadline for applications is 4pm Thursday October 25th. Applications will be considered by the Arts Committee, consisting of the Curriculum Leaders and Teachers in Charge in all the Arts areas and Middle School Arts staff. Final confirmation will be made by the Arts Committee in consultation with Senior Management. Decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. All awards will be presented at the scheduled Middle School Arts Awards Assembly week 5.
Ngā mihi and good luck!!

Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival
For over four decades, the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival has been an icon in the cultural life of Christchurch young people. The largest annual event in the South Island dedicated to developing young musical talent, the Festival inspires the children of Canterbury to participate at the highest level in musical performance, both vocal and instrumental, fostering a lifelong passion for music. The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival contributes to the richness and cohesion of our community, bringing it together to create and enjoy an enterprise that instills in our children both confidence and pride. Over three performances to an audience of 10,000+ in Horncastle Arena, the massed choirs of 100+ schools, a Concert Band, two auditioned choirs and a Symphony Orchestra create a memorable musical experience and an incredible learning opportunity for Christchurch’s young musicians. We wish our Year 5-7 girls and Choir Director Rachel Wilford, all the best for their performance on the last night of the festival, Friday October 26th, with special mention for Year 8 girls Isabella Shatford and Claudia Hundleby who will be playing violin with the Special Orchestra.

Sedley Wells Concert

On 30 October our St Margaret’s-Christ’s College Combined Orchestra will be performing in the Christ’s College hall at this annual music competition. Sarah Hickford and Nick Coxon share the direction of the orchestra who will perform alongside other music groups. All welcome to attend.