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From the Principal

Diana Patchett —

If you are wondering how to improve your quality of life, take the lead of St Margaret’s College and try these five simple strategies.

1. Connect - talk and listen, be there, feel connected

Our Junior School girls welcome their Grandparents and special friends to the campus next week. Fostering a connection across generations is an important foundation of growing up, learning from the wisdom and past experience of others, and sharing delight in the wonders of the present.

2. Be Active - do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood

Our Winter Sport season draws to a close with record participation and outstanding results. Tournament Week is underway with our Basketball, Hockey, and Netball teams competing around the country. Rowing season looms with over 40 girls attending last Sunday’s ‘Have a go’ session; plus, with 12 summer sports to sign up for - there is something for everyone to be actively involved in at SMC.

3. Take Notice - remember the simple things that give you joy

Last Friday, the Prefects helped us to celebrate over 800 birthdays at once. There were balloons, lolly scrambles, a photo booth, music and laughter. Stopping to pause and appreciate the fun of the moment provided a day’s worth of joy.

4. Give - your time, your words, your presence

The Academic Committee reminded us of the value of our teachers at Tuesday’s ‘World Teachers Day’ assembly. Each of the girls took home a postcard and was encouraged to take the time to show their gratitude to our teachers, sending a message of appreciation and thanks.

5. Keep Learning - embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself

There is something new and exciting around every corner if you’re open to the possibilities. This past week we have welcomed students from Chile and Australia, there is an invitation to attend Space Camp in the United States, and our senior Debating team took up the challenge of a grand final. Trying something new brings a rush of positive energy!

This week, our student Wellbeing Committee reminded us of the value in nurturing our personal happiness with a focus each day on the various elements that contribute to our overall contentment. Introduce yourself to one or more of these simple strategies and you will feel the benefits that our girls experience every week.