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Photo by St Paul's Collegiate School


Revd Peter Rickman —

As the “storm” of Covid-19 passes across the nation we will need stability and anchor points to help us stay calm, steady, mindful and focused. One such anchor point is SoulFood.

SoulFood is continues to broadcast live to the school community each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:20pm. The Rev will lead the school in prayer and in song where we can all sing along together from the safety of our own rooms at home and we can centre ourselves in the middle of each day.

The sessions last around 10-15 minutes and on occasions he will invite us to send a text, a message or to phone in. There will be stories, reflections, guests, competitions and some surprises!

SoulFood - every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:20pm - Live streaming here 

SoulFood Sunday session - Holy Communion Community Agape Meal - Sunday 10 May at 11am - Live streaming on our Facebook site

If you miss the live sessions, these are recorded and added each day to our YouTube channel. Please feel free to watch previous sessions. 

Please remember, the storm of Covid-19 will pass, as difficult and challenging as these days are ... they are temporary. We will grow together through it, we will care for and support one another remotely through a myriad of online and technological platforms. We will emerge into a new landscape, count the cost, heal our wounds and live and thrive in community once again.

Kia Kaha - Kia Hari - Kia Tapu