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Tihoi intake two 2021

Tihoi Intake 2021/2 graduation awards

St Paul's Collegiate School —

After a disrupted school year for Tihoi Intake 2021/2, the group of boys and their families came together for an outdoor graduation ceremony on Friday 26 November, at Tihoi Venture School.

The prizegiving acknowledged those students who completed the programme and recognised those who excelled during their time at Tihoi.

Mortimer Prize - Will Hadley:

  • The most sort after prize, the Mortimer Prize for Most Outstanding Student, was awarded to Will Hadley. Will excelled throughout the outdoor programme, in the classroom and was an excellent leader among his peers.

Most Improved Student - Dylan Cooke: 

  • A well-deserving recipient of the Most Improved Student award, Dylan constantly went the extra mile, showed fierce determination and was always keen to learn more during his time at Tihoi. 

The Director's Awards: 

  • Austen Plimmer, Max Makeham, Nikau Veitch, Tim Gillies Smith and Liam Parker were recipients of the Director's Awards as students who deserve recognition for their leadership. 

Manaaki Trophy 'Generosity of Spirit' - George Blennerhassett:

  • Donated by ex-tutors Steve Tracey, Grant Eyre and Philip Kearney in 2019, the Manaaki Trophy celebrates George Blennerhassett as the student who shows enthusiasm, kindness and camaraderie between their peers during their time at Tihoi. 

The Brian and Jan Neville Trophy for Perseverance - Christiano Sarich: 

  • Initially timid on arrival at Tihoi, Christiano thrived during the programme gaining strength and confidence throughout the intake. 

The Mike and Judy Shaw Trophy for Bush Craft - Hugh Robertson: 

  • After leading by example in many of the outdoors activities.

The Furminger Award - Asher Downing: 

  • Awarded to the student who consistently shows respect to staff and other students, Asher Downing was presented the Furminger Award.

The Luder Trophy - Hart House: 

  • As the overall winning house of the intake. As members of Hart House, Hamish Grigg, Finley Carruthers, Jono Allen, Liam Inman, Jack Lockington, Ollie Mouat, Spencer Williams and Toby Shale were all awarded the Luder Trophy.

The Kingham Cup - Franks House: 

  • Franks House was presented the Kingham Cup for winning the most points in House Wero. Franks House included: Benjamin Settle, William Sinclair, Jacob Porteous, Johnny van Leeuwen, Ben Anderson, Ben Brown, Kadin Finlayson and Ben Kibby.

Community Service and Environment Award - Alex Healy: 

  • Proving himself as a leader within the community and environment, Alex Healy was presented with the Community Service and Environment Award.

Industry Awards: 

  • The Industry Awards were presented to Benjamin Brown, Christian Churton, Dylan Cooke, Jayden King, Alex Healy and Louie Short.

Top Academic Student:

  • Jim Lin won the Top Academic Student award after placing first in English, science and social studies.

The following students received Academic Awards as the top in their subject:

  • William Hadley - Mathematics
  • Jacob Porteous - Mathematics
  • Finn Pryor - Mathematics and science
  • Hunter Davis Stranwick - Social studies and English
  • Benjamin Settle - Social studies
  • Logan Lumsden - English
  • Jackson Norris - Science

The Cross Country Cup - Liam Inman:

  • The Cross Country Cup was awarded to Liam Inman who consistently won every training and competition run throughout their intake and eventually won the final 14km run as well.

The following students have been awarded Expedition Awards for all-round excellence on various expeditions:

  • Benjamin Brown - Rock 1
  • Hunter Webb - Rock 2
  • Sam Hull and Alex Healy - Sea kayak
  • Benjamin Kibby - White water kayak
  • Johnny Van Leeuwen - Tramping
  • The Most Valued House Members are as follows:
  • Hamish Grigg - Hart House
  • Samuel Stokes - Jocks House
  • Louie Short - Mollys House
  • Will Hadley - Purple House
  • Max Finlayson - Pollys House
  • George Adamson - Villa House
  • Salesi Tauaika - Mortz House
  • George Blennerhassett - Gills House
  • Benjamin Settle - Franks House