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Music lessons in term two

Tim Carpenter —

Before the holidays, I wrote to you explaining that itinerant lessons will continue in term two at a reduced rate. This is due to the slightly compromised circumstances regarding teaching one-on-one instrumental and vocal lessons online. While we completely advocate the continuation of these lessons for a whole range of reasons and benefits to your children (not to mention the continued financial stability of the music staff), we do understand that many of you have had income reductions yourselves during the lockdown period. We would like as much as possible, this not to affect your son or daughter continuing with itinerant lessons - and by extension, the music department activity - and would like to support you with this if we can.

Many of you have emailed insisting on paying the full itinerant fees which is very much appreciated. Thank you for your generosity. However, unless we hear from you in this fashion, and until further notice, the itinerant teachers will be charging 80% of the normal rate. 

If you would like to pay the normal 100% rate, please do get in touch and a very sincere thank you in advance from myself and the music department.