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Guidance for school assessment

Jeremy Coley —

Some students and parents are naturally wondering about the state of NCEA assessments in light of schools moving to distance learning.

We are constantly monitoring and following the advice and guidelines of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and for Cambridge Examination students, from the Cambridge International Education Examination Centre.

Current correspondence from NZQA has indicated that NZQA staff and contractors are preparing materials to aid schools in the days and weeks ahead. We are working closely to ensure that our students and teachers are abreast of any changes and developments in this space. We will undoubtedly have more support and guidance from NZQA shortly. 

Please be assured we are working closely with NZQA to ensure the management of our national assessment programmes for the duration of the year. Our Leaders of Curriculum are managing these programmes and ensuring that distance learning operates in accordance with authenticity and authentic practices of assessment. This will enable a seamless transition when schooling returns to normal. 

Jeremy Coley

Deputy Headmaster - Academic