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Photo by Andrew Constable

Construction Class build sports pavilion

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Over the past eight years, our Year 13 Construction classes have completed a number of impressive building projects.

These include a Fale in Western Samoa for the victims of a Tsunami; a Year 10 student house for Tihoi; a four-bedroom house to accommodate boarding tutors; a new teaching classroom for the Tihoi Venture campus, two single bedroom units which are located on the Hamilton campus and an extension to the maths block.

The 2018 project is the most ambitious to date: a two-storey hockey/football pavilion. There is little doubt that this year the students are embarking on a challenging commercial build. There is a strong group of eight students who have already demonstrated their enthusiasm for the project while completing the foundations. This has required them to undertake a significant amount of digging out footings, levelling and preparing steel reinforcing in preparation for the 80 cubic metre concrete pour which happened last term. The students are relieved to be working above ground level manufacturing the industrial framing that will support the upper level.

Once again, Mr Gavin Jakes has managed the project and closely supervising the students’ progress on site. Gavin continues to be supported by Mr Phil Morgan both directly with the building and with tutoring the construction students. The team also has the benefit of support from Jeevan Singh (Fitchett House 2013-2017), a former St Paul’s construction student who has taken the opportunity to work as an apprentice at our school.

The site was officially opened on 20th February 2018 with a blessing delivered from Reverend Peter Rickman, followed by the students being presented with their individual tools they need to complete the job by Mr Matthew Reynolds, the Manager of Thompsons ITM, who are generous supporters of St Paul’s Collegiate School.

Projects of this nature would never be possible without the support of the wider St Paul’s community. The Year 13 students will work closely with a group of builders who have given up a day each month to assist with the project. Special thanks go to Mr Trent Andrews of Tranda Construction, Mr Martin Dobbe of Urbo Homes, Livingstone Building, Mr Steve Ross of Stewart Hannah Building and Mr Mark May of Mark May Buildings.

We are very proud of this very successful, on-going school–industry partnership. Many of the young men who have participated have gone on to get sought after apprenticeships in the various building/support trades. All who have been involved have gained a real sense of satisfaction and for many it has proved a life-changing experience. We are particularly thankful to those who have given up their time and expertise to share their knowledge and experience with our senior technology students. The construction classes over the past eight years have really enjoyed the experience and recognise that it would not have been possible without the support of the wider community.