Hero photograph
Didi Lawson (left) and Alexandra Johnson share the 2021 Dux award
Photo by Mark Hamilton

Results from Prizegiving 2021

St Paul's Collegiate School —

A traditional prize giving at St Paul’s has the Chapel of Christ the King filled to the brim with people – teachers in their academic gowns, 800 students dressed in their number ones and parents standing at the back or scattered amongst the empty seats.

The two-and-a-half-hour ceremony features a number of musical items from the Big Band, moments of complete silence as speeches are delivered and the roar of clapping as students support their peers receiving their prizes.

However, Covid-19 Level 3.2 restricted the school from this type of ceremony in 2021. Instead, this year’s prize giving was a well-orchestrated ceremony with small groups of prize winners lined single filed outside the Chapel entering from the side of the stage, collecting their prize and exiting the other side of the stage. All while ensuring they were socially distanced, wearing masks and didn't exceed more than 25 people in the Chapel at once. The ceremony was broadcast live for parents and student peers to watch.

Congratulations to all winners acknowledged at the 2021 prizegiving held on Friday 12 November. Below are recipients of the special prizes.

Katrina L Ward Cup for Dux of the School – Alexandra Johnson and Didier Lawson

  • This year’s Dux award is given to Alexandra Johnson and Didier Lawson as their scholarly intent, successes, and talents could not be separated. You rarely get two multifaceted and talented scholars who show an attention to detail, mental agility, and rapier focus that is unmatched and inseparable throughout the year. Both students will be attending Auckland University next year – one to do a conjoint in Law and Commerce and the other to study Biomedical Science. It is with admiration that the Dux for 2021 is awarded to Alexandra Johnson and Didier Lawson.

Seavill Cup – Marcia Graafhuis

  • The Seavill Cup recognises Marcia as the student who has contributed most to the School in a wide variety of activities. She is a young woman of genuineness, energy and compassion. Her involvement in our service programme has been significant, and she has dedicated countless hours to The Serve and volunteering at Waikato Hospital speaks to her generosity of spirit. She is multifaceted with her leadership roles as Chapel Prefect, Deputy Head of Harington House, accompanied by her commitment to her holistic development across academic and cultural elements that are on offer.

Galatians Trophy – Caitlin Fladgate

  • The Galatians Trophy is awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the staff, displays the following qualities: patience, kindness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control. Caitlin is a decent young woman who has proven to be an excellent and influential citizen by the strength of his character.

Leggatt Prize & Old Collegians’ Trophy for the Head Boy – Matthew Waddell

  • This trophy was awarded to Matthew Waddell for his outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of School life.

Andrea Jean Jenkins Cup for the Head Girl – Gretel Muir

  • This cup was awarded to Gretel Muir for her outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of School life.

The Luman Family Trophy – Jae Broomfield

  • Jae displays the virtues of servant leadership, humility, determination, integrity, and a team-first mentality. A full school prefect, Head of Williams House and Chairperson of the Boarding Portfolio Committee, Captain of our First XV Rugby team, and involved in our Over the Fence Ministry and a stellar leader in this year’s Flame Cambodia fundraiser. In essence, this young man is a role model for others to follow in his footsteps in years ahead.

The Fitchett Trophy – Katie Brown

  • The Fitchett Trophy was awarded to Katie as an outstanding role model who has consistently demonstrated her leadership skills. A full school prefect and head of Harington Boarding House, she has been exemplary in her commitment to service and initiatives to better those less fortunate. She has led impressively, and one of her favourite quotes sums her up perfectly, “the difference between try and triumph is just that little umph.”

de Jong Trophy – Tanika Naidoo

  • Tanika is awarded the de Jong Trophy as someone who does everything with dedication and a deep sense of self and character. She has been fully committed and an integral member of the St Paul’s Rowing Club, immensely committed to service, and was duly and impressively asked to represent the World Youth Conference. She is a highly talented musician who has been part of several choirs.

Te-Manu-Tawhio-Rangi trophy – Matire Ormsby-van Selm

  • Awarded to the student who celebrates, enhances and develops Kaupapa Maaori in all facets of school life.

BNZ Awards – Gretel Muir, Frazer Tam, Charlize Tordoff and Belinda Wright

  • These Year 13 students have excelled academically and/or in leadership, sport and cultural areas.

Headmasters Prizes – Neisha Cooper, Ellie Deane, Saniya Kansal, Sam Lints, Sophie Marsh, Kuwyn Price and Jessica Scatchard

  • These students were chosen for their outstanding service to the School in various areas, academics, leadership, sporting, cultural and/or service, making an extraordinary contribution to the School.

Senior Manukura Ariki “Maaori Academic Excellence” – Caitlin Fladgate

  • Caitlin possesses impressive character traits that enable her to forge ahead academically and in life. She is self-driven, is intrinsically motivated, a senior leader in the school and a talented sportswoman. Academically, she endorsed both Level 1 and 2 with Excellence with an average of 94% and 93%, respectively.

Deloitte Prize – Caitlin Fladgate

  • The Deloitte prize is given to the student who is continuing to study commerce.

St Paul’s Award for Year 12 and the John Oehley Cup – Joanna Li

  • Joanna epitomises the true essence of giving one’s all to everything undertaken. Academically gifted, one of the top Year 12 students, whose academic record is exemplary. Joanna is deeply involved in Chamber Music debating, Over the Fence Ministry, volunteer and service work well beyond the school gates, and plays badminton to a high level. This young woman is generous, deeply committed, and vastly talented who contributes magnanimously to the four cornerstones of St Paul’s. She also received the Altrusa Award earlier this year, based on courtesy, attitude, initiative and community work in and out of school, scholastic and sportsmanship.

St Paul’s Award for Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy – Jackson Mackwood

  • Jackson displays countless attributes that are impressive across all areas of school life. An impressively talented musician, playing and performing with distinction in a school and regional context. This recipient contributes superbly to the cultural ethos of our school as a member of our Kapa Haka group, along with a dedication and commitment to service.

St Paul’s Parents’ Association Scholarship – Levi Davidson

  • This scholarship is awarded to a Year 12 student who started at St Paul’s in the lower band and has now qualified for a full NCEA Level 3 course next year.

International Relations Prize – Ben Back and Drake Walther

  • This award is for the student/s who fosters international relations in the school.

St Paul’s Collegiate ICT Cup – Malachi Flintoff

  • This award is given to Malachi for his dedication and commitment to ICT within the School and Chapel.

Beckett Prize for Literature – Emily Jin

  • The Beckett Prize is awarded to the student who excelled in all areas of the study of literature. Emily also won the Kauenga Science trophy, which is given to our most gifted practical scientist.

Senior Oratory Prize – Hazel Hulme

  • This award goes to the winner of the senior speech finals.

Creative Writing Cup – Gabiel Mikkelson

  • This award goes to the winner of the best piece of creative writing.

Peter Hampton Trophy for Innovation in Agribusiness – Thomas Came, Brad Foster, Thomas Matthews and Luther Yates

  • This award was given to the Agribusiness group that created the Tape Cage and competed at the Young Innovator of the Year Award at Fieldays.

Thorton Gallery Trophy – Grace Johnstone

  • This trophy is awarded to the Most Promising Artist, and who is continuing to study art.