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St Paul's laundry ladies

Never ending laundry

St Paul's Collegiate School —

St Paul’s laundry ladies, Mary, Jacky and Kumari are charged with the care of washing, drying and pressing laundry for our boarding students.

More than 4,500 items pass through St Paul’s laundry every week. These include school uniforms, sports uniforms, Tihoi Venture School laundry, bed sheets, towels and kitchen tablecloths.

Last November, St Paul’s laundry was upgraded to include three new commercial washers and dryers reducing laundry time and the number of loads from 30 to 16 per day.

These ladies can be spotted early mornings with giant smiles on their faces. Working weekdays from 7.30am – 1.30pm, Mondays and Thursdays are their busiest days as they wash sport uniforms and white shirts of the school’s formal uniform.

Their favourite part of each day is seeing the year 9 boarding boys coming to drop off their house laundry bags which are often larger than the boys themselves!