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Self care tips

Self care

St Paul's well-being team —

Fostering well-being (self-care) is an ongoing responsibility for us all and when our circumstances change, it’s important to adapt our routines to ensure we are still taking care of ourselves as best we can.

Here is a list of things that contribute to our wellbeing:

1. Sleep
2. Exercise
3. Good nutrition
4. Connection with others
5. Feelings of achievement
6. Time to relax
7. A sense of purpose
8. Fun

The first three items relate to ensuring our physical needs are met – without this, emotional well-being becomes very difficult to achieve. Think of it this way, are you more likely to be grumpy or cheerful after a dreadful night sleep? Our brains are the origins of our emotions so taking care of this important body part is a vital step to achieving emotional wellbeing.

Once our physical needs have been met, there are other social and psychological factors to consider, as you can see in the list above. With all these factors to keep in mind, is it little wonder that maintaining a state of wellbeing requires quite a lot of effort in today’s busy and at times uncertain world. While we can’t control everything that happens in our world, there are steps we can take, by tweaking aspects of our daily lives, to foster wellbeing. Some days this will definitely be trickier than others but having a plan for working towards wellbeing is a great start.

Let’s make time every day to plan and ensure that we take care of ourselves by taking care of these 8 steps!