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Happy New Year from the Parents' Associaton Chairperson

St Paul's Parents' Association —

To all of the amazing parents I have met over the past couple of years through the Parents Association and through other volunteering roles at St Paul’s such as the Coffee Cart, you are truly an inspirational group and always happy to put up your hand for the betterment of our St Paul's community. For this I thank you.

Through the Parent’s Association, we have all enjoyed getting to know more people during 2019 as we meet not just as parents of high schoolers, but extending our business networks as well. I am sure our children’s lives are richer for our interactions (although they may not see the advantages just yet).

For many of you I know 2019 has been a very tough year and yet you still manage to give to others despite your own hardships.

Thank you again for enriching each others lives. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2020.

We have only a few Parent’s Association meetings this year so please diarise and bring along your own friends and acquaintances so they also feel part of the St Paul’s community. We welcome the variety of talents, resources and backgrounds that each parent brings to our school:

  • Sunday 9 February
  • Sunday 8 March - AGM
  • Sunday 3 May
  • Sunday 28 June
  • Sunday 2 August
  • Sunday 1 November

All meetings are held on a Sunday evening from 7pm in the Old Collegians Pavilion (opposite the main car park). Refreshments are provided from 6.30pm for networking and the meetings run from 7-8pm to tie in with chapel service and the returning of boarding students.

- Catherine Clark, Chairperson of St Paul’s Collegiate Parent’s Association, 021 400 916