Hero photograph
Students helping to build deck off classrooms at Tihoi
Photo by Tihoi Venture School

Tihoi decks completed

Cyn Smith —

The final phase of the decking project at Tihoi was completed in term one. This project involved the decking to the west of the building and wraps the decking around the entire large new three classrooms. This gives a range of access points into the classrooms and opening out onto a quad area that will be grassed this month. There are considerable covered areas for boys shoes and bags which will be well used in our wet winter months.

Andy Furminger (Williams house 2000-2004 ) is working full time at Tihoi in 2020 as an outdoor instructor and House tutor. With over a decade working as a builder in Hamilton, Andy has put his skills to great use around the centre with a big effort in term one to complete the decking project. A range of volunteers have assisted Andy during the building process - Ray Hollingsworth (Tihoi instructor 1989-1990 and Chief Instructor 1994-1995), John Furminger (Director 1994- 2006) as well as students and staff on various days.

The math class students enjoyed practical application of measurement skills in the construction process. The measuring and costing of the materials for the project saw boys on Intake 1 out on site with tape measures and pens. Boys did a small project in pairs measuring, drawing and calculating the cost of materials for the deck.

The new classroom block is a state of the art ‘modern learning environment’ for the Tihoi programme. With large teaching spaces, a variety of classroom furniture, break out spaces and stunning views out towards the old mill and Pureora Forest we are feeling very fortunate to come to the end of the Tihoi upgrade planned more than two decades ago.