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Komodo - a wellness monitor

Craig Hardman —

Komodo is a new digital platform that collects data, analyses it and supplies to key pastoral staff on the well-being of your child.

Komodo is a school-wide well-being platform and has been rolled out since the country's lockdown, to monitor the well-being of our students. This was initially launched as a tool to monitor high-performance athletes and through some excellent trials by Mr Holdgate in the boarding house, we have modified the system to monitor student well-being.

Every student has been sent an email from their Housemaster with details on how to sign into Komodo.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, students will be prompted with nine questions asking about their well-being. This will give them a Komodo score. These results are confidential between the student and key members of our pastoral team. If we believe any students need help or someone to talk to, our pastoral team will be in touch directly with the student. If we are really concerned, we will contact with you, their parents and caregivers.

Ask your son or daughter if they have signed up for Komodo. If they say yes, then great. If they haven't, please encourage them to do so.