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Learn to present like a pro

Learn to present like a pro

St Paul's Collegiate School —

St Paul’s Collegian, Simon Franks returns to share how to effectively engage an audience by offering a two-part workshop coaching presentation skills for Year 12 and 13 students.

Students will learn techniques from one of New Zealand’s leading corporate, radio and television voiceover artists. 

Simon believes a number of business people have room for improvement in presenting and that giving students an opportunity to master the art will give them a great head start.

“The ability to convey your message to a group succinctly, to engage an audience for the duration, and to break the mould by presenting slides in the context of ‘modern business’ will give you an edge no matter which vocation you choose.”

Simon Franks (Clark 1978-1982)

With over 35 years of experience as a broadcaster and public speaker, Simon is also a stage actor and an award-winning Toastmaster.

In recent years, Simon has been coaching presentation skills with corporate clients. Hisworkshops have been designed with an emphasis on participation.

“The only way to learn is to practice. I get participants on their feet as much as possible in a fun and supportive environment. The two workshops are a week apart with students delivering their own five minute presentation in week two.”

Simon specialises in story-telling techniques, tools for sustaining audience engagement and effective use of visuals.


Friday, 28 February 8:30am - noon
Saturday, 7 March 8:30am - noon
Collegians Pavilion
$80 per person (available to Year 12 and 13 students)
Workshop limited to 15 students
To register your interest, please email: collegians@stpauls.school.nz