Hero photograph
Year 11 aghort gardens and farmers market - April 2020
Photo by Chris Foot

Year 11 aghort gardens feed local families

Chris Foot —

Every year, our year 11 agriculture and horticulture students cultivate a vegetable garden as part of their studies, but during lockdown these gardens were abandoned.

With the responsibility now left to Mr Foot and Mr Peebles’ father, these gardens have flourished. The produce harvested was so plentiful, a Farmers Market was created for staff living at St Paul’s to purchase freshly grown vegetables. Note the social distancing at the Farmers Market. Families made a donation towards their fresh produce and this money will be used to give back to families in need.

Thank you to those year 11 aghort students who started the process of growing this produce. Your crops have been well cared for, harvested and have raised money to help families within our community in need.