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Plunket Foundation
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Plunket Raffle

St Paul's Collegiate School —

At the start of Term 3, St Paul's Collegiate School committed to supporting the New Zealand Plunket Foundation's annual appeal. This nationwide appeal was put on hold with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. The appeal and funds raised will help Plunket support mothers while also allowing Plunket to run programmes to remind us all that self-regulation as a child leads to major success later in life.

Along with many other schools from across the country, we would like to help the Plunket Foundation achieve its target of raising one million dollars which will go directly to helping mothers and their families across New Zealand. We think this is a unique opportunity for young people to thank mums. We are treating this fundraiser as school-wide community service, and as such, all funds raised go directly to the Plunket Foundation to help their cause.

The fundraiser is a raffle, with tickets costing $10 each, and a number of valuable and exciting prizes on offer. The tickets are organised in books, comprising of five tickets (total value of $50). St Paul's Collegiate aims to sell 1000 books. If each student sells one book of tickets, the level of support we provide Plunket will be immense.

A booklet of five tickets has been distributed to each student present at School today. Current Tihoi students received their booklets just prior to going into lockdown. Students have until Friday 29 October to sell and return all ticket butts, unsold tickets, and monies to the School's main reception.

Any student who is unable to sell the book can return it to the School's main reception. However, we ask this to be done as soon as possible at the start of next term as another student may want to sell the tickets. Additional booklets will be available for students who would like to sell more than their allocated booklet.

Importantly, please note the dates of this raffle have been affected by the recent COVID outbreak. The revised dates are as follows:

Ticket draw date: 01/12/2021

Publishing date: 03/12/2021 via www.plunket.org.nz

Should you have any questions regarding this community service project, please contact Miss Jennifer Purvis, Executive Assistant, via email here

In advance, thank you to our students for their efforts in supporting this significant community service initiative focused on thanking and supporting mothers.