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Harvest for St Joans Rest Home - May 2020

Aghort gardens keep on giving

Michelle Smith —

Residents at St Joans Rest Home were treated to produce from the year 11 agriculture horticulture gardens this week.

With great growing weather and and a team of relentless gardeners, the year 11 vegetable gardens have continued to produce an abundance of vegetables and herbs. St Paul's onsite residents, Graham and Liz Peebles along with Mr Foot and daughter Georgie, have been caring for the gardens ever since they were abandoned because of Covid-19 lockdown.

The gardens have produced plenty of beetroot, carrots, silverbeet, lettuce, coriander and basil. To ensure the produce didn't go to waste, the produce was picked and given to St Joans Rest Home - for their residents and staff. 

Margaret pictured above, used her veges and herbs to cook up a pot of soup.