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Photo by St Paul's Collegiate School

In memory of Cam Elliott

St Paul's Collegiate School —

St Paul's was saddened with the passing of a long-standing member of the community, Mr Hone Campbell Nossiter Elliott, better known as Cam.

Cam made an outstanding contribution to the governance of St Paul’s Collegiate School over a long period of years. He served as a Trustee of the Waikato Anglican College Trust for 22 and a half years (from 1987 through to April 2009); was a founding Director of Great Oaks Trading Company Limited (the School Shop) from April 1995 through to April 2018 – an incredible 23-year timespan; acted as a Director of Great Oaks Property Limited from March 2002 through to January 2008; and was deservedly made a Fellow of St Paul’s in 2003.

Cam and wife, Lee (former teacher at St Paul's) provided homestay and pastoral care to many international students, welcoming them into their own home and extended family.

He was one of life’s true gentlemen. He spoke up when the need arose and what he had to say was always worth listening to given his measured and well-considered approach to all things. Cam was passionate about seeing St Paul’s thrive and he took great pride in building relationships within the community.

The funeral for Cam was held at the St Paul's chapel on Wednesday 23 June. For those who were unable to attend, a recording of the service is below. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cam's wife Lee, who retired from St Paul’s at the conclusion of the 2020 academic year, and the Elliott family 💛