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Managing the school's database

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Meet our academic secretary and database administrator, Trish Ure.

Mrs Ure manages our school’s student and family database management system, which is a complex beast. Parents will be familiar with emails from Mrs Ure when they receive student reports, an invitation to book parent teacher interviews or an invitation to attend prize giving. She has been instrumental in implementing e-parent teacher interviews, the school’s phone app and the parent portal – all managed through the school’s database management system.

Mrs Ure also manages the collection of data of students’ successes in their academics, cultural, sporting and co-curricular endeavours. This information is collated and used to produce certificates and records of achievement for prize giving.

End of year prize giving is a huge event on St Paul’s calendar and is undertaken each year by Mrs Ure. Her attention to detail and calm nature ensures the smooth running of this special event and the correct presentation of trophies, prizes and certificates.