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Ian Boyle

Sculpting our turf

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Meet the man in charge of our turf, Mr Ian Boyle.

At age 15 Ian was on the cricket pitches of Dumferline, Scotland, learning his craft to become a grounds curator. “Back then, I had some very average equipment and limited knowledge, but plenty of passion,” says Ian.

Now, some years later, he is renovating St Paul’s wicket for the upcoming cricket season. This involves the removal and re-claying new seed in the blocks. The preparation undertaken in autumn determines the outcome of the pitch in summer.

Although graduating with a degree in Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Environmental Planning, Ian didn’t work in these fields. He spent some time as sculptor but now considers cricket pitches as his ultimate sculpture.

Ian became a grounds curator at St Paul’s in 2010 and maintains three grass wickets. His skill in producing top-performing playing grounds has been recognised nationally when the school’s Way Oval, the ‘number one’ cricket wicket, was named NZ’s community pitch of the year in 2018.