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Absences from school

St Paul's Collegiate School —

St Paul’s has a legal responsibility to ensure that all absences are ‘explained’. This means that if your son/daughter is unable to attend school on any particular day, we would appreciate it if the parents of day students would ring the school office on the day of your teenager’s absence.

Students should bring a note explaining their absence to their Housemaster when they next return to School.

If your son/daughter has an appointment during the day, they need a note to verify this and must sign the ‘gate book’ in the main office reception area.

To take a student out of school for more than a couple of days requires the advance approval of the Headmaster (which should be gained earlier, rather than later, wherever possible).

Such leave is probably not a major problem in Years 9 and 10, but for senior students (Years 11-13), they have a heavy programme of internal assessment for which set deadlines must be met. St Paul’s Collegiate School administers NCEA on behalf of NZQA. If a student misses an internal assessment, there may not be a re-assessment opportunity. We understand that special family occasions (i.e. weddings, tertiary graduation, death in a family), may necessitate leave from school. We also understand that those involved in activities such as farming, have limited opportunities during the year to get away. We just ask that reasonable prior notice is given, (i.e. at least a month before the absence), so that we can best cater for any major assessment requirements your son/daughter may have. Parents need to recognise that significant leave from school may have a major impact on a senior student’s academic performance and as such, we would ask that you exercise discretion in making such requests.