Hero photograph
Girls first XI hockey team 2018
Photo by Kelly Hunter

Girls' Hockey Caps awarded

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Three girls were awarded hockey caps for playing 50 or more games for the Girls’ 1st XI hockey team.

Genevieve Scott-Jones

Genevieve has played, mostly as an exceptionally valuable goalie, 50 games for the Girls’ first XI hockey team. She is a passionate hockey player who makes a huge contribution to the team both on and off the field. A considerable number of games over the last three years have been won by Genevieve’s ability to defend her goal without fear. As captain of the team in 2018, Genevieve has shown her leadership skills, being a true role model – always striving to improve her game and giving her all to training and playing, every week. Genevieve is a worthy recipient of her cap for hockey.

Tyler Steer

Tyler has played 52 games for the girls’ first XI hockey team. Tyler is a talented player who brings determination and grit to every game she plays. Tyler, naturally a striker, has been asked to play in defence and the midfield over the last two years, which she has done without hesitation, giving of her best on the field at all times. Tyler is a prolific goal scorer for the team, regardless of the position she plays, being one of the highest goal scorers at the winter tournament last year. This year, Tyler has been able to return to her position as striker where she has quickly become a leader in this area of the game, adding frequently to her goal tally. Tyler is a worthy recipient of her cap for hockey.

Sukhneet Kaur-Rehill

Sukh has played 50 games for the girls’ first XI hockey team. Sukh is an enthusiastic hockey player who is always reliable and keen to give of her best in both trainings and games. Sukh’s infectious enthusiasm is appreciated by the team and the coaching staff. She works tirelessly to improve her game and always wants to achieve better, setting a good example for younger players. Sukh deserves her cap for hockey.