Hero photograph
Aron Beet
Photo by Mark Hamilton

Keeping grounded

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Meet St Paul’s head of grounds maintenance, Aron Beet.

Aron has been at St Paul’s for more than two years and oversees work done on our school grounds and the maintenance of our school facilities. He is often seen onsite liaising with contractors and tradesmen.

Each morning he tests the pool and boilers, before making sure his staff are clear on what tasks are required to carry out their work each day.

Aron and his team ensure the rubbish bins at school are cleared daily, a task that takes two people more than an hour to complete. They clear between 4 and 7 cubic metres of rubbish each day. They also take care of mowing the school fields which takes the equivalent time of four days of the week.

Aron and our groundsmen are also kept busy with requests from staff to move furniture, mark the grounds, set up for events and exams, maintain the gardens and hedges including picking up the leaves around campus, and general building maintenance such as washing buildings and clearing gutters.

Prior to joining St Paul’s, Aron was in charge of grounds maintenance at Waikato Stadium. He takes great pride in his work and enjoys the diversity involved in taking care of the school’s grounds.