Hero photograph
Marie Robinson 
Photo by Mark Hamilton

Working behind the scenes

Michelle Smith —

Meet our facilities manager, Marie Robinson. She has been at St Paul’s for 23 years so there isn’t an underground cable or pipe on the school grounds she doesn’t know about.

Marie manages a team of 27 staff, who together, ensure the school grounds are tidy and maintained; the boarding houses, classrooms and offices are cleaned daily; the school’s laundry is operating effectively; and any repair or maintenance to the school’s facilities is undertaken. She also oversees new building projects at school.

Marie receives varying job requests from changing a light bulb, fixing door locks to the more complex such as finding ways to re-engineer laundry and kitchen energy supplies to maximise efficiencies.

There are no longer job requests that surprise Marie – she has heard them all. She remembers a request last year when she and her team were asked to mark out and paint a grid on the front rugby field in the shape of the numerals 60. Marie and her team can be proud of the final outcome used to acknowledge the school’s 60th anniversary.