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Distance learning

Being the best you

Craig Hardman —

I have no doubt every person that reads this will be experiencing different feelings and will be using a variety of approaches to help get through these strange and tough times.

Parents, this is a great read for you to share with our students.

From a well-being perspective, a number of you will find your first week at home fun, enjoyable and at times relaxing. You have a chance to do your school work at your pace, behind a screen with only the distractions you choose. As time progresses, for some this will be challenging. Maintaining what you feel is normal will be hard. However, through some simple points, you can work towards continuing to be the best you.

You can access these tips and key links via our Wellbeing Toolkit. 

It's during challenging times that you see the best in people. At St Paul’s, a number of these concepts are discussed at length. 

  • Give your best effort, this should apply in your online classes 
  • Respect your learning and others right to learn
  • Make sure you look after your wellbeing
  • Make a difference by doing something for others to make their day better. With limited physical connection, it is important to still do something for others. This might be calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or doing something for someone who is close to you. 

Good luck in being the best you.