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Photo by Tihoi staff

Embracing Spring at Tihoi

St Paul's Collegiate School —

A full intake of 64 students have embarked on their Tihoi journey. The chills of winter are tapering as we are into the second rotation of outdoor pursuits.

The second rotation this intake involves mountain-biking on the great lake trails, white water kayaking at the Mohaka River and rock climbing and abseiling at Tihoi and Kinloch.

White water kayaking is a popular and challenging pursuit at Tihoi. Each boy independently faces the challenge of manoeuvring their boat in and out of eddies. With a spray deck on and in the confines of the kayak, this can be a daunting experience - you have the paddle in your hands and are in charge of your boat. Having the confidence and trust to lean into the turns takes time and with this confidence, boys enjoy the thrill of moving water. The Mohaka River offers perfect grade two water and the skill acquisition over the three-day programme is considerable.

Mountain-biking trails in New Zealand are growing and this pursuit is gaining popularity with all ages. Most kiwi kids have a bike, so learning the finer skills of cornering, gearing and gliding are all part of the course. The boys ride the Waihora and Waihaha trails on the west side of Lake Taupo where there are now extensive trails.

We are embracing the great days and looking forward to spring.