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Agribusiness workbook

Agribusiness workbook on sale

Agribusiness —

Teachers Mrs Allen and Miss Simmons have produced a workbook designed to provide a resource of information, case studies and activities for Year 12 agribusiness students to understand more about the agri sector.

The workbook has been many months in the making and has now been published and is on sale nationwide for any student learning agribusiness in schools throughout NZ.

Both teachers are currently working on the Level 3 agribusiness workbook. 

National Agribusiness programme

Together Mrs Kerry Allen and Miss Melanie Simmons have been working on the implementation of the national agribusiness programme into New Zealand secondary schools for the last three years. This involves working with teachers and senior management teams throughout the country helping to establish the agribusiness programme in their school. With 10 schools in 2017 offering agribusiness to their senior students, there are now 93 schools across the country offering agribusiness to 2239 students. Of the 93 schools, 61 offer level 2 agribusiness for year 12 students (1121) and 67 schools offer level 3 for year 13 students (1120).

Agribusiness Advisor Miss Simmons, travels throughout the country assisting schools embed agribusiness as part of their curriculum and works with teachers one on one to implement the required standards into their classes. She has also been working with pre-service teachers attending the Universities of Auckland, Otago and Waikato, outlining the agribusiness curriculum, introducing them to the secondary schools' agribusiness achievement standards and the re-contextualised achievement standards, and explaining how to adapt tertiary courses to meet student needs. She has also established a series of regional agribusiness hubs across New Zealand to provide a support network for teachers. 

Mrs Allen, who heads agribusiness at St Paul's and leads the national agribusiness progamme, spends much of her time writing, creating and updating resources for the agribusiness programme, making this available through a dedicated website, for schools teaching agribusiness. The website is used by teachers to assist with and support their teaching of agribusiness.