Hero photograph
Alex Purdie and Phoebe Barris accept winning house trophy
Photo by St Paul's Collegiate School

Hamilton House win Athletics Day

St Paul's Collegiate School —

After some major delays in hosting the school Athletics Day, it was wonderful to see the whole school head to Porritt Stadium for the much-anticipated competition. 

There were some outstanding results from the day, including some record-breaking results: 

House competition results:

  • 🥇 Congratulations to Hamilton House for winning the overall house competition
  • 🥈 Second place: Fitchett House
  • 🥉 Third place equal: School and Clark House
  • 5th: Hall House
  • 6th: Williams House
  • 7th: Sargood House

Individual competition results:

Senior boys:

  • 🥇 Charlie Sanft, Thomas Scanlon and AJ Thomas all tied for first place with 27 points
  • 🏆 Ben Kalma won the field events trophy with 20 points


  • 🥇 Tori Clark scored the highest possible 36 points
  • 🥈 Renee Carey placed second on 27 points
  • 🥉 Grace Walters placed third on 25 points
  • 🏆 Kendyl Cowley won the field events trophy with 18 points

Congratulations to Renee Carey who broke her own record in the 3,000m, despite having to run slightly further due to the barriers being in place. The new record now stands at 10:45.88.

Intermediate boys:

  • 🥇 Hamish Boyd won the intermediate category on 42 points
  • 🥈 Logan Casey placed second with 32 points
  • 🥉 Max Gurnick placed third with 21 points
  • 🏆 Logan Casey won the field events trophy with 23 points

Junior boys:

  • 🥇 Quintus Daniell won the junior boys with 32 points
  • 🥈 Campbell Boyd placed second with 25 points
  • 🥉 Finn Bell came third with 25 points
  • 🏆 Campbell Boyd also won the field event trophy with 25 points

It was heartening to see a number of students really step up for their houses and compete in events where normally they wouldn’t be the first choice and all will have come away feeling really proud of their efforts and achievements. Congratulations to our award winners and the whole school for their active participation on the day.

📸 Thank you to our art and photography students for their action shots!