Hero photograph
Bidois family at Waharoa blessing
Photo by St Paul's Collegiate School

Waharoa - a new addition to the school

St Paul's Collegiate School —

Standing proudly in the heart of St Paul’s is the Waharoa, a gift given to the school by the 2020 Year 13 students.

The carving by master carver Michael Matchitt was unveiled to represent the values of the Year 13 cohort; persistence, knowledge, unity, compassion and resilience.

St Paul's would like to thank the Bidois whanau and NZ Timber for their generosity in donating the hardwood slab which created the Waharoa. The Waharoa will be a lasting memory for the students, a sharing of stories and contemplative moments of their time here at the school.

A sincere thank you to the leavers and their families for their generosity in helping this special gift come to completion. The acknowledgements below gratefully recognise those who donated towards The Waharoa:

  • Anonymous x2
  • NZ Timber
  • Kirsten and Todd Bidois
  • Andrew Barker
  • Chandar Achary
  • Malcom Munro
  • Craig Morris
  • Tony and Joanna Carr
  • David and Wendy Cashmore
  • John and Catherine Clark
  • Dean and Vicky Coleman
  • John and Joanna Cullen
  • Stuart and Cate Deadman
  • John and Felicity Dumble
  • Adrian and Sally Finlayson
  • Tim and Anuradha Fitzwalter
  • Debbie and Michael Glasson
  • John and Megan Glenn
  • Graham and Elizabeth Harsant
  • Richard Hine and Sonia Diacono
  • Brendon and Jacqueline Hunt
  • Lisa and Sefton Ingham
  • John and Jenny Jackson
  • Andrew and Lisa Johnson
  • Fritz and Sanet Joost
  • Foster and Karen Kalma
  • Stanley and Fiona Koshy
  • Michael and Harriet Lamb
  • Duncan and Bronwyn Lamon
  • Scott and Joanne Lincoln
  • Garth and Jenny Littlejohn
  • Sam and Martyn McColgan
  • Greg and Carla McNeil
  • Evan and Sally Morgan
  • Richard and Christine North
  • Christopher and Karen O’Meeghan
  • Dean Potter and Emma Rampton
  • Navin Rajan and Seema Menon
  • Darcy and Haylee Rhodes
  • Paul and Helen Riordan
  • Wayne and Nicki Robb
  • Nicola and Kelvin Robinson
  • Donald and Sheryl Sandford
  • Stephan and Rachel Shale
  • Murray and Tracy Simpson
  • Richard and Sally Strang
  • Mark Strum and Amanda Savin
  • Phil Ruddell and Natalie Kusabs
  • David and Tania Vollebregt
  • Warren and Lynette Watson
  • Bradley and Toni Watson
  • Grant and Sasha Weck
  • Du and Jessie Xue
  • James and Maxine Yearsley