Chapel chair plaque by Andrew Constable

Leave your mark

The generosity of donors to date has been encouraging as the Hornsby Learning Hub will be one of the most ambitious and significant building projects St Paul’s Collegiate School will undertake.

“St Paul’s Collegiate School has been a big part of our boys' lives. Supporting the Learning Hub by gifting a chapel chair, is a way that our family will continue to support and be part of St Paul's for years to come." – Megan and Peter Smith.

Our donors are helping to open the doors and create opportunities for students who are preparing to meet today’s challenges and go on to become the world’s next generation of visionary leaders.

If you would like to join the Smith family and leave your mark by purchasing a chapel chair plaque you will not only support the Hornsby Learning Hub; but also support the growth in the lives of St Paul’s students.

To learn more about this project and leave your mark click here. Or contact Andrea Harper on for further details.