by Michelle Smith

Crocodiles bite as Pit winner is announced

A group of talented Year 13 agribusiness students wowed six crocodiles/judges with their creativity, problem-solving and presentation skills when they succinctly pitched their innovation in Crocodile Pit on Thursday 11 April.

This highly contested competition really brought out the best in the students who impressed their audience with concepts from calf feeding dividers, recyclable mesh wrap for growing fruit to apps that assist with stock management.

Congratulations to the team of Jana Stokes, Cate Wilson, Pearl Lovell, Abby Bartels and Lucy Gray for winning this year’s Crocodile Pit with their floating electro unit, "Bobble Trough", for keeping animal water troughs clean.

Second place was Future Farming (Daniel Pearse, Sanraj Dhaliwal, Douwe de Boer) with their product, "Gate+", custom built gates to attach to trailers in the calving season to stop calves escaping when unloading from a trailer.

And in third place was TMC Limited (Teaghan Singh, Carlin Vollebregt and Mikayla McClennan) with their product, the "Calf divider", an aluminium divider for a calf feeder to stop calves being bumped from the teat feeder.