Second hand uniforms

We are always on the hunt for good-quality second hand uniform items and our new parents are welcome to come and view this selection.

Purchasing second-hand items

The second hand shop will be open in November, December and January 2019 on Wednesdays only, between 1–3pm. Please make an appointment.

If you would like further information about the sale or purchase of second hand items, please contact the School Shop staff on 07 957 8841.

Selling second-hand items

The aim of the School Shop second hand uniform service is to make available good quality pre-used uniform items, whilst providing reasonable reimbursement to those families who no longer require them.

Only regulation school uniform that is in a clean and tidy condition and considered to be in good condition can be accepted for resale. The School Shop reserves the right to decline items not considered to be in a resalable condition.

School Shop staff are available to accept and process second hand uniform items Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 1.00pm – 3.00pm. (Receipt of second hand uniform is not able to be undertaken outside of these hours.)

The following conditions apply:

  • Items with holes, stains, tears, broken zips, missing buttons will not be accepted. Items that have attracted animal hair will not be accepted.
  • All items must be dry-cleaned or washed and pressed. All name labels must be removed; dry-cleaning tags may remain.
  • Used clothing items are sold on behalf and will be available for sale over a 12 month period Any items not sold within the 12-month period will need to be collected 7 days after you being contacted by one of our friendly team, and/or can be donated to the school.
  • Items purchased previously as second hand may not be accepted for resale.