Liam Waide (Danny) and Macy Coffin (Rizzo), leads in the 2019 production, 'Grease'.   by St Paul's Collegiate School

Grease - from a student's perspective

At the end of last term, a group of approximately 60 St Paul’s students performed in this year's sell-out school production of Grease. Lead actors Liam Waide (Danny) and Macy Coffin (Rizzo) share their experience with Informer readers.

 With rehearsals beginning midway through Term 1, everyone's excitement started to build. With Grease being such a popular household movie, music rehearsals were more about perfecting the songs rather than learning them.

A strong group of leads was cast, with all members varying in age and abilities. The cast was eager to begin learning dances and blocking scenes. Over the course of long Sunday rehearsals, tough dance practices and Wednesday nights spent learning lines, it was clear to see that through this time many strong friendships were going to be formed.

A week out from the opening night, it seemed questionable if we were going to pull the show together. But as per usual, the energy was quickly pumped into every moment spent on stage and focus was brought to our last dress rehearsals.

For many members of the show, the performance week went by in a flash! With sold-out shows every night, we saw a lot of old production members come back to support us. Show week was definitely not without its dramatic moments ... with ripped curtains, tears on closing night and forgotten props, these things seemed like the least of our worries, when everyone was having such a blast!

The commitment of all cast members, crew and staff is something which was not overlooked. Having a student and staff band on stage accompanied by an amazing set, made the show even more engaging and entertaining for all the audience members. Students stepping up into stage leadership roles and making sure the props were placed back where they should be, we couldn’t have seen the show flow any better.

Ask any member of the cast and they will easily admit that Grease would not have been possible without such a strong support team of talented staff gathering costumes, painting sets, helping us with songs lines, and teaching the cast rock n roll dancing. Without all this, the production season this year wouldn't have been as successful and amazing as it turned out to be.

On behalf of the cast, we would like to say thank you to all of those who were involved and showed their support. We also encourage anyone who is considering joining in with next year’s show, to do so - it is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and musicals aren't only meant for one type of person, everyone can enjoy themselves and express themselves. It is a fun and encouraging learning environment and you get the opportunity to meet and bond with new people.

On behalf of the Year 13s, we would also like to say good luck for all future shows and we hope you have as much fun as we did in 2019.