The 1st XI Hockey team by Rachel Fitness

Hockey caps awarded

The following young men have played 50+ caps and given back to the sport of Hockey:

Bennet Groube has played 75 caps for the 1st XI hockey side. A talented player who displays excellent hand-eye coordination, is deceptively quick and is cool and calm in defence. Bennet has been a vital member of the 1st XI and has also given back to hockey through the coaching of teams at St Paul’s. Solid as a rock in defence, Bennet also possesses a unique type of flair on attack.

Jamie Sandford has played 66 caps for the 1st XI hockey team. He has been a stalwart defender for the side. A sound defender, with good distribution skills who also shows tight skills to eliminate players when required. Jamie has improved as a player and has had a calming senior influence on the team this year. Jamie has given back to St Paul’s through the coaching of junior teams. Jamie was awarded the Hardman Cup for Service to Hockey in 2018.

Scott Hitchcock has played 62 caps for the 1st XI hockey squad. He has gone from strength to strength as a hockey player in 2018. A fit, gritty and determined player, who has skill and flair to back up his great attitude. Scott has put his full effort into training and games. Scott has possessed great game awareness and the ability to handle pressure situations. Scott won the Johl Cup for the most improved player of 2018.

Sam McClay has played 54 caps for the 1st XI hockey side. Sam is a fast and aggressive striker that plays the game with his heart on his sleeve. Sam displays sound stick skills, a fast drag flick and a very good attacking attitude, where he is always hungry to score goals.

George Greenhill has played 53 caps for the 1st XI hockey team. George is a tenacious striker who has been the fear of many teams. Fast, elusive, skilful and committed to the team, George can be relied on to implement game plans, lead pressing and come up with game-changing plays. A member of the Midlands U18 team this year, George was also the winner of the Snodgrass Master Blaster for the top Goal Scorer in 2018 on 54 Goals; the Coolridge Cup for the 1st XI Hockey Ambassador and the Bruce Davis Cup for Excellence in Hockey. A deserved recipient.

Sam Lints has played 50 caps for the 1st XI hockey squad. A phenomenal achievement for a Year 10 student to play 50 games for the first team. Sam is a very talented player, who has the ability to create goal scoring chances from any area. Sam is beginning to develop his soft skills and game awareness to that of a senior player. Sam is a humble young man with a bright future in the sport. Well done Sam. Sam was the Winner of the Captains Cup in 2018.

Also, a special mention was made to these players who have played 100+ caps for the 1st XI hockey team:

  • Shantanu Rawal 107 caps
  • Bevan Muirhead 104 caps
  • Callum Prosser 104 caps
  • Aidan Lee 100 caps