2018 Head girl Sarah Jackson with artist James Wright.  by Michelle Smith

It's the bee's knees! Year 13 leavers' gift unveiled

The leavers’ gift is a long-standing tradition at St Paul's and acts as a reminder of the student's time at school. At the end of last year our Year 13 leavers commissioned a sculpture by James Wright.

James is a New Zealand sculptor of English/Portuguese/African descent - his other public works include Nikau at Auckland’s Botanic Garden, Pride positioned in front of the Pukekohe Town Hall and Target exhibited at Headland Sculpture on the Gulf and winner of the People’s Choice award.

The honeycomb sculpture makes reference to the school's bumblebee mascot and pays homage to agribusiness, which is now a significant curriculum area in our school. The sections of honeycomb represent unity and the strength of many people as a whole. The artwork will remind all who pass to unite and stand firm in the faith.