Trickshot challenge 2021

We want your best trickshot

Join us for a lockdown challenge!

As a prefect group, we would like to start up a series of ‘Lockdown Challenges’. These challenges have been designed specifically to inspire you to get creative and to help cure your lockdown boredom!

First up this week is the ‘Trickshot challenge’. The aim of this challenge is to video and execute your best trickshot (have a look at Tik Tok for some inspiration!). The trickshots will be judged and there will be prize money for the top 3 placegetters. The trickshots will be reviewed and judged by the Prefects on 3 key components: Difficulty, Skill, and Creativity.

The submission of your trickshot videos are to be sent to either Matt or Gretel via email by Wednesday 8th September.

*Note - this challenge is open to students, teachers, and parents!

We can't wait to see your entries. Best of luck!

Matthew, Gretel and the Prefect team