by St Paul's Collegiate School

Intentions for 2022

We are in the process of finalising enrolments for 2022 and preparing budget projections for the forthcoming year.

We ask parents of current students from Years 9 to 12 who have a son/daughter leaving St Paul's at the end of 2021, to please notify the Headmaster in writing by Friday 3 September.

If you are uncertain about your child's returning intentions, we would also appreciate you letting us know in an email to the Headmaster by Wednesday 1 September. Families who do not give the required written term's notice will be charged Term 1 fees for 2022.

Please understand that advising your child's Housemaster is not the correct process and that notice of a student leaving St Paul's should be communicated directly to the Headmaster.

Given the high demand for boarding places in 2022, it is essential families make us aware of their intentions, if their child won't return next academic year. We are happy to work with families who are still uncertain and will, where possible, extend this deadline for a definite response. We would appreciate you keeping us informed so that we can offer our assistance with your decision-making.

If this applies to your family, please email the Headmaster Mr Skeen here.