School sporting caps by St Paul's Collegiate School

Students receive their sports colours

A number of students recently received their full sports colours. These are awarded to students who are members of the school 'first' teams and who show outstanding ability and commitment to their chosen sport.

Jaedan Williams-Wilson - 1st XV Rugby Cap

Jaedan arrived at St Paul's at the start of 2020 with touch rugby and softball background. Making his debut against Napier Boys' High School in 2020, he was a regular member of the squad playing at both fullback and first five. In 2021 he cemented his spot at fullback after starting the season guiding the team from 10. Jaedan has an eye for a gap and a genuine pace to beat defenders. A reliable and consistent goal kicker who has added some real "X-factor" to the first XV jersey.

Toby Robb - 1st XV Rugby Cap

Toby made his debut against Hamilton Boys' High School in 2020 and gained seven caps in that season. He has continued the family trend to be the starting hooker in 2021 and played every game of the season. A consistent thrower into the lineout and a strong defender at the tail, plus his ability to play prop has made Toby a very valuable player within the current group. A reliable and genuine team man.

Tevita Taukei'aho - 1st XV Rugby Cap

Arriving from Tonga in 2019 and making his debut against Napier Boys' High School in 2020, Tevita has taken every opportunity offered and has grown with every performance. This year he was a regular member of the starting XV using his physical presence to get us some good "go forward" and is also a very reliable defender. A good off season gave him the engine to work harder for longer periods of time. He has shown real character and has been key in the four-season win. 

Anaru Paenga-Morgan - 1st XV Rugby Cap 

In 2020, a shy young man arrives from Gisborne and 18 months later Anaru is now a genuine leader and a quality all-round rugby player. Making his debut against Napier Boys' High School in 2020, he played nine games at first five, then in 2021 he had a position change to second five and has taken this challenge head-on. Deceptively fast with a great attacking skill set has become a big threat to opposing defences with his triple-threat approach. A reliable and tough defender who works hard on his game to maximise this opportunity.

Lolkje de Boer - 1st XI Girls' Football Cap

Loljke has played for the 1st XI Girls' Football team since Year 11. She is comfortable in either the defence or midfield and is defined by her hard work rate and the shift she puts in when on the field. She sets high standards at training which sets a great example for the newer team members. Having played 50 games for the team, she scored her first goal this season. She is always reliable and a complete asset to the side.

Kacy Monkley - 1st XI Girls' Football Cap

As a tenacious centre defending, she is adept at reading the game and stifling opposition attacks. Her communication and leadership have been key reasons for the success of the team. She leads training exercises and team talks before the game to prepare the team. Having played 52 games, Kacy is well-deserving of her football cap. 

Thomas Scanlon - 1st XI Boys' Hockey

Thomas has been a member of the St Paul's Collegiate School 1st XI boys Hockey team since Year 11 and has played 50 caps for the team. He plays in the midfield and offers plenty of speed and the type of flare you will only see from a "Scanlon". Thomas works hard to make leads to open up the opposition’s defence and is able to get himself into good attacking positions. He is an extremely determined player who is not afraid to put his body on the line. This can often be witnessed in defence when Thomas chases down opposition players and steals the ball from them. Thomas is a great team member, who is committed to the team and works hard on and off the field.

Cameron Hopping - 1st XI Boys' Hockey

Cameron has been a member of the St Paul's Collegiate School 1st XI boys Hockey team since Year 11 and has played 50 caps for the team. He has been crucial as a defender in the backline, playing well over the course of the last three seasons. Cameron’s skill of shutting down the opposition’s strikers by getting quickly onto the ball creates good pressure, minimising the opposition’s goal-scoring opportunities. He is a dependable player and a real asset to the team. Cameron has been selected to represent Waikato Hockey, where he is currently a member of the Waikato Under 18s team and has been a member of the Waikato under 13s and under 15s teams in the past.

Levi Davidson - Premier Basketball Team

Levi has been a loyal member of the basketball programme and has played with the Premier Basketball Team since year 9. He is an unselfish player, who is just as willing to pass to an open teammat as take the shot himself. He knows the goal is to get the best shot, not his best shot. Every workout, practice, and game, Levi is striving to improve. He has a great basketball mind and a passion for the game. His love for the game drives him to play all the time to become the best player possible. He has developed finishing at the rim and is very aggressive from beyond the arc. Like a player should be, he is strong on defence and usually wins a number of turnovers due to the pressure created. He represented Waikato U17s in the recent National qualifying tournament, where the team finished fourth overall. This has meant they have qualified for Nationals held in Dunedin. Additionally, Levi has been refereeing games in the local Waikato Basketball competition, further developing his understanding of the game.