Students pose with refugee children by St Paul's Collegiate School

Winter party for local refugees

As part of St Paul's service programme, the School has established a partnership with the Refugee Orientation Centre Trust – a non-for-profit organisation helping refugees settle into life in New Zealand. Our Year 11 students volunteer for the Centre’s after-school homework programme, which helps primary aged children get up-to-speed with their academics.

Since 2017, at the end of each year, a summer Christmas party has been hosted by St Paul's and arranged by the Year 11 students. They invite children from the Refugee Orientation Centres (ROC) across Hamilton which is usually attended by 60 children. Our students organise bouncy castles, party games, dancing, prizes, Christmas gifts along with wonderful halal food prepared by chef Chris Warner.

These parties have become so popular they are now hosted twice a year. 

On Thursday 29 July the Winter party was held for the ROC children and hosted by the Year 11 service volunteers, with support from Year 12 and 13 service students.