Teams research weather events by St Paul's Collegiate School

Maths students competes in engineering challenge

Three St Paul's teams competed in The University of Auckland Engineering Challenge on Saturday 7 August.

The groups were emailed the open-ended question: "How many one in 100 year extreme weather events can New Zealand expect to experience over the course of the decade?" Teams had from 10am until 6pm to research, mathematically model and produce a 10-page report to answer the question. 

With over 200 teams competing nationally, we are excited to find out how St Paul's placed later this year. 

Team One: Joanna Li, Cormac Hodson, Emily Jin and Dylan Fletcher

Team Two: Jack Simmonds, Ben Grant, Dhiren Naicker and Max Shi

Team Three: Keyan Asadi, Max Fletcher and Seetharam Jandhyala