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St Paul's Collegiate School - Hamilton

Informer Weekly News - 1

This is the first of weekly newsletters to keep you connected while we are delivering distance learning.

In this publication you will find:

Please know our last day of school for this term is next Wednesday 8 April. We will break for Easter and school holidays and return back to Distance Learning from 8am on Tuesday 28 April.


Teachers deliver lessons from home

by St Paul's Collegiate School

On day one of Distance Learning Delivery, our teachers shared images of their home 'classrooms' to show where they are teaching. One teacher is working from a campervan!

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Headmaster Mr Grant Lander

Headmaster's pen

by Headmaster Grant Lander

It is a period when we are grappling with a huge range of emotions; a certain amount of fear and trepidation about what the future holds for us, our families, our livelihood, and our country

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by Revd Peter Rickman

As the “storm” of Covid-19 passes across the nation we will need stability and anchor points to help us stay calm, steady, mindful and focused. One such anchor point is SoulFood.

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Distance learning

Being the best you

by Craig Hardman

I have no doubt every person that reads this will be experiencing different feelings and will be using a variety of approaches to help get through these strange and tough times.

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You can't lockdown love

by St Paul's Prefects

In an initiative to keep spirits high during the Covid-19 Lockdown, St Paul's prefects have come together to create a YouTube channel, to bring messages of hope and support to our community.

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Komodo - a wellness monitor

by Craig Hardman

Komodo is a new digital platform that collects data, analyses it and supplies to key pastoral staff on the well-being of your child.

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Online connection not working

by Simon Ward

If students are struggling to connect to lessons because of an overloaded internet connection, here is some advice that may help.

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Feeling unwell

Will your child be absent from school or a lesson?

by Ainsley Robson

There are a number of options to let us know if your child will be absent from their online lesson.

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Body Food

by Josh Hay

We want our students to stay active in their time of isolation … so we have a challenge for them. A house competition challenge.

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Setting up good study habits at home

by St Paul's Collegiate School

We have provided some tips for students to help them prepare to achieve the best they can from digital learning and maintain the same standards as expected in the classroom at school

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