Emily Jin by Mark Hamilton

Scholarship Examination recipients

St Paul's is proud to announce the School obtained 28 New Zealand Scholarship Examinations, including three Outstanding Scholarships for the top-tier national exams at the end of 2021. Congratulations to the following students who conducted some of the best results in the country for these prestigious exams:

Year 13 (2021)

  • Maddison Oliver-Coffey: Three Scholarship exams in English, Biology, and Health and Physical Education
  • Jessamyn Freyberg: Scholarship Exam in Mathematics with Calculus 
  • Isara Gatfield-Duds: Scholarship Exam in Photography
  • Zoe Hanna: Scholarship Exam in Biology
  • Grace Kingsnorth: Scholarship Exam in Photography 
  • Maggie Walch: Two Scholarship Exams in English and History
  • Drake Walther: Scholarship Exam in Photography 
  • Rylee Winmill: Scholarship Exam in Photography 

Year 12 (2021)

  • Joanna Li: Five Scholarship Exams in Physics, Earth and Space, Calculus, and Music and an Outstanding Scholarship in English
  • Emily Jin: Three Scholarship Exams in English, Biology, and Accounting
  • Sam Ladbrook: Outstanding Scholarship in Technology (Computer Science)
  • Anna Egan: Scholarship Exam in Japanese 
  • Emma Kenny: Scholarship Exam in Geography 
  • Gia King: Scholarship Exam in History
  • Max Robinson: Scholarship Exam in History 

Year 11 (2021)

  • Matthew Chanwai: Outstanding Scholarship in Music
  • Nicole Chen: Scholarship Exam in Geography 
  • Jack Thomas: Scholarship Exam in History
  • Scott Zhou: Scholarship Exam in Chemistry