Get2Go competitors by St Paul's Collegiate School

Get2Go competitors finish 9th in New Zealand

Between 22-26 January, St Paul's Collegiate School and Waikato Diocesan School for Girls combined their junior adventure racing team to compete in the national Torpedo7 Get2Go competition in Tongariro National Park. The team qualified after winning the Waikato challenge last year in June. The competition took place over five days, beginning with two days of challenges where the team had to kayak, raft, rock climb, run with weights, use high ropes, and problem-solve their way through complex and exhausting challenges.

Day three and four, considered the most demanding days, saw the teams over 50km through rugged terrain, kayaking, caving, and running against other teams to race to the finish. On the final day, the group had to complete eight individual challenges where each team member had to complete individual tasks such as problem-solving activities, rock climbing, obstacle courses and running, all while racing against other teams.

The gruelling competitors represented Waikato superbly, finishing 9th overall in New Zealand. Congratulations to Dylan Gardiner (Year 11), Cristiano Sarich (Year 11), Sam Ferrar (Year 11), Sam Forward (Year 10), as well as the four Waikato Diocesan teammates Rylee Mardon, Lilli Parres, Abby Pooley, and Sophia Smyth.