2022 Prefects by St Paul's Collegiate School

2022 Prefects

On Thursday 10 February, the school held the prefects commissioning service where our newly appointed leaders agreed to take on the responsibility to guide the school for 2022. Please note, since this announcement, other prefects titles have been awarded and this will continue for the coming weeks.  

 Pictured above are the following prefects: 

  • Head Boy: Sam Peoples
  • Head Girl: Leah Weck 
  • Deputy Head Boy: Daniel Williams
  • Deputy Head Girl: Joanna Li
  • Head of Boarding: Dylan Fletcher and Evie Potter
  • Head of Harington Day House: Sam Glenn
  • Head of Clark: James Brown and Jess Carey
  • Head of Fitchett: Joe Harcourt and co-lead by Gia King and Laura Littlejohn
  • Head of Hall: Ben Kalma and Emma Kenny
  • Head of Hamilton: Alex Purdie and Phoebe Barris
  • Head of Sargood: Ben Haskell and Trixie Hulme
  • Head of School: Ben Urlich and Lexie Waide
  • Head of Williams: Connor Reeves and Poppy Collins