by St Paul's Collegiate School

We couldn’t have done it without them…

Alleviating sore joints, improving game techniques and creating a better viewing experience are just some of the significant advantages of the recent hockey turf and pavilion developments, made possible by some pretty awesome people – Grassroots Trust, Jon Tanner, New World Rototuna and the Lion Foundation.

“The new turf has been great, with abundant drainage. The students are enjoying the smoothness of the ball rolling on the turf, without it bouncing, and it is nice to run on – with it being softer on the joints!” says teacher-in-charge of hockey, Mrs Kerry Allen, about the turf which was replaced earlier this year, thanks to the generous support of Grassroots Trust.

“We are so grateful to Grassroots Trust in helping us to replace our aged hockey turf. The students and local community are thrilled to have a high-performance turf that they can utilise for all hockey levels. Unlike our previous turf, the drainage is superb, and even in very bad weather, we still have an excellent playing surface,” says Deputy Headmaster, Mr Craig Hardman.

This immense appreciation is also extended to Jon Tanner, New World Rototuna and the Lion Foundation, who have provided the support for the construction of a purpose-built pavilion, giving our hockey community a place to call ‘home’.

“It will be brilliant with the new pavilion as the changing sheds and toilets will be readily accessible for the players to use. Our supporters will be able to get prime view of the action on the turf from the balconies. We are really looking forward to it being finished,” says Mrs Allen.

So there you have it – some pretty awesome people helping make some pretty awesome things happen at our school and for our wider sporting community to enjoy. We can’t thank them enough!

If you would like to jump in and help further support the hockey pavilion, you can find out more here.