by St Paul's Collegiate School

Students bring childhood books to life for Arts Day

The creativity was palpable around the school for Arts Day as students took part in a range of colourful activities based around the theme, 'childhood books'. Year 13 students Zainal Wong and Macy Coffin write for Informer.

As one of the biggest events in this school, showing multiple creative talents, we didn’t want to stop with just a simple presentation on this special day. So with the permission from Rev and the guidance from Mrs Saunders, we set out, seven weeks in advance, to come up with many different creative ideas to decorate the chapel. As time went on, many ideas spilt in, but we settled on a few great ones. A tiring but fun experience came around on Thursday evening as a mission was laid in front of us. As time went on, it started to look more like a renovation instead of a decoration. One runway, three projectors, about 20 balloons and hundreds of streamers filled the chapel just in time for Arts Day 2019 on Friday 2 August.

Friday was a day that was just filled with creativity among the students, with many different activities happening all at once. With everyone so glued into their own sections, it was truly exciting, and anticipation built as they raced to finish their artworks. A wide variety of new activities were added to this year's competition and as you walked around the school, it was clear to see that everyone was eager to share their creative ideas. 

Image by: St Paul's Collegiate School

The solo performances were outstanding and watching from the audience was a truly remarkable experience to see the different instruments being played and the high level of talent being shown by students of all ages (you can watch the full performances on Facebook).

However, the best laughs came when the entire school gathered for the house wearable arts and group music competitions (also live-streamed on Facebook). 

Firstly, we were treated to a visit from Bankwood School’s Kapa Haka group, who showed us a powerful performance. It was then followed by a series of models who were showing off their amazing costumes as they cat-walked down the runway. This was in conjunction with a house group music competition - which certainly did not disappoint! Every house had an energetic display that toppled on top of one another. The house chant competition was an extra party piece of Arts Day 2019, with each house displaying 30 seconds of chanting.

All houses provided a strong competition, and one they should be proud of. Congratulations to Sargood Housefor taking out the event.

Fitchett House's wearable arts entry based on Dr Suess' 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' — Image by: Andrew Constable

The finale to an amazing event and the ending of the successful Arts Day, was when two best student videos were shown. Everyone burst into laughter as jokes and embarrassing scenes were displayed on the big screens.

Over the weekend, a silent auction ran for an online exhibition of the '40 Hours of Art' artwork. A total of $162 was raised for World Vision. A great conclusion to the Arts Day competition, with School House taking out this win with the highest total bids.

Here were the results from the day. Firstly, the results from the house music competition, which is a separate competition from Arts Day.

The weighting of the competitions was as follows:

  • House music choir is worth 70% of the overall score
  • Group music item is worth 20% of the overall score
  • Solo music item is worth 10% of the overall score

House music competition results:

  • First - Hall - 61 points
  • Second - Clark - 54 points
  • Third - Williams - 48 points
  • Fourth - Fitchett - 43 points
  • Fifth - Hamilton - 30 points
  • Sixth - School - 25 points
  • Seventh - Sargood - 19 points

And after a long decision, the final placings for the houses were as follows:

Final results:

  • Seventh - Hall (The Smurfs)
  • Sixth - School (The Lorax)
  • Fifth - Fitchett (Oh, The Places You'll Go)
  • Fourth - Williams (Peter Pan)
  • Third - Clark (Old MacDonald)
  • Second - Sargood (Where's Wally)
  • First - Hamilton (101 Dalmations)